About Enigma, the new creative writing magazine

If you’ve ever enjoyed telling a story through paper or by word of mouth, Enigma will be the right project for you.

Creative writing is a world that should be unlocked and enjoyed by anyone, whether it comes from poetry or prose. Anyone can tell a story, describe a picture or idea and Enigma hopes to provide a hand in giving the opportunity to everyone.

Enigma will take on the form of both a website and a creative writing magazine where anyone can feel free to write and send in their submissions. This can include schools including children and teachers, societies, universities, renowned poets and authors…the list goes on. Both poetry and prose are warmly welcomed, from up to three pieces per person.

There is also a twist to the tale in that work would be identified by a code, either within the text of from a signature that would have to be solved to reveal the author. In this way, there is no judging of a book by its cover (or author in this case) whilst not being totally anonymous.

The deadline is  August 1st 2008 for the first autumn edition, so please don’t hesistate to send in any work you might like to see in print. For submissions, please send in work or any questions to mag.enigma@googlemail.com. Any suggestions that you’d like to see in the magazine and/or website would be invaluable. Please feel free to also keep updated with the blog as things develop.

Enigma: help spread the word!


~ by caareteam on May 27, 2008.

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