To censor, or not to censor…

This is a topic that’s been around for a long long time or simply since children were invented. The world can be a dangerous place and we want everyone no matter what their age to feel safe in it, which is a much harder job that any of us could realise for ourselves and others. We’ve all been told of what films and games are rated unsuitable for children, but what about literature?

Shakespeare has always been the staple of our literary childhood at school with themes including murder, infidelity, greed and power. Morality plays and stories have always had that dark and creepy theme to them, even if they’re trying to put across a good message. How come there’s no age limit on these pieces as opposed to Grand Theft Auto?

Should literature be part of the censored package? At Enigma, we aim to produce a literary work that encompasses all ages and occupations and welcome your opinions on the issue. So in a strong attempt not to sound patronising to anyone, what do you think about this issue? Have you ever read a story at any age that scared or disturbed you witless, wishing that you’d have had some warning of the content beforehand? Or is literature part of the remaining few art forms that should remain free and untainted from this stigma? 

~ by caareteam on June 10, 2008.

One Response to “To censor, or not to censor…”

  1. Good god, no! There is entirely too much of this protection of children going on today. The world IS a risky place, but they’re getting a distorted view of reality. Some kids love to be scared by stories. I took my kids to see adult movies, probably the only one today’s parent would be appalled by was Saturday Night Fever. But then afterwards we talked about it! Kids should be allowed to read and see whatever they’re curious to read and see (within sensible limits, okay, not pornography or graphic bloody violence like a beheading), and ideally have intelligent adults in their lives to talk to about it. That is how they’ll become worldly adults. I don’t know how today’s kids are going to deal with the real world.

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