Enigma going commercial and the Cinderella effect!

Sounds like a Murakami title, doesn’t it?

Heya all,

Enigma has decided to spread its wings and offer pages for inserts and back page advertisements for its first issue. The opening edition should be out mid September and will be in a nice portable A5 size (148 x 210 but allow for a 10mm margin), perfect for reading in public transport and will easily fit in a handbag/manbag/rucksack ( My enigma notebook is A5 too! Just in case you wanted to know.)

Prices range from just £80 and the options can range from a half page to the back page in colour. To see the full list as well as required, see the link above or to the right called Advertising in Enigma. All proceeds go towards the printing costs.

The issue may be out in September, but the deadline for submissions is approaching fast! I’ve heard that people are finding one of the emails not accepting their work, so please send to mag.enigma@googlemail.com or rosalacrimas@googlemail.com. Sorry for the inconvenience and hope to read your work soon!



~ by caareteam on July 29, 2008.

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