Advertising Rates and opening the Twitter Gates

It’s certainly an exciting time for all hopefuls for this issue’s mag! All of you have been a delight to read, and I have gotten back to some of you regarding your recent success! Don’t pluck at your nerves if you haven’t been contacted yet, as I still have a lot of good news to spread!

Advertising rates are on sale for the next issue, from 5 pounds for half a black and white page, 10 for a full in b+w, to 7 and 15 respectively for colour. We have readerships from all ages and all occupations, so a good opportunity to spread your writing and educational services out there.  To have more details, click the advertising tab at the top!

Also, we all know of the phenomena literature has undergone with its slinky new partner technology, and Twitter is no exception (we even have a tab on it). Twitterature though? Really? US students hope to condense classics into bitesized “tweets”. I have a feeling it will easily spread to the UK. What are your thoughts on it? I’m in two minds: it’ll provide a good background but it uneases me slightly.

Have a look here. Source: Guardian Culture


~ by caareteam on June 24, 2009.

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