Writers of Tomorrow…today!

I was fortunate enough this year to visit the London Book Fair, attending a seminar about the Writers of Tomorrow funnily enough! With such troubling recession tinged times as today, it was a very poignant subject and I was eager to see the problem from all angles and how to solve it. The question of tackling attitudes towards new talent in a tough economic period was covered by lecturers, literature development agencies as well as publishers themselves.

The opinion, unsuprisingly, was very mixed indeed: depending on whether you see the glass half full or in shards by the living room table. Some had mentioned that it was time for aspiring writers to turn their hand to non fiction and copywriting, and that the need for the literary titles were fading fast. Others had mentioned our literary “green shoots”, such as Picador taking on new writers, and the idea of self-publishing rising sky high.

And lo and behold, The Bookseller has recently announced that Picador have published 4 debut authors in 4 weeks, showing the commitment PacMacmillian have when supporting new talent. Source: http://www.thebookseller.com/news/92435-picador-backs-new-writers.html, where Paul Baggaley, the publisher, informs us of his wish to award effort, expertise and time. It’s hard to take risks, but that is the life blood of creativity after all. See, us artists are fearless! The way it should be.



~ by caareteam on July 27, 2009.

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