National Poetry Day summary and Enigma’s birthday book!

Hi everyone,

Updates weren’t as frequent as I’d said, have been busy becoming a student yet again! I managed to catch the end of the Poetry seminar in the Southbank Centre, celebrating the huge scale Knit-a-Poem with the Poetry society and the Foyle Young Poets award! Congratulations to all those who won/took part! I also just made it (what is it with these close temporal scrapes?) to the 100 club, celebrating a whole host of jazz inspired poetry. Utterly amazing, from classical themes that can be applied to the present, political themes and general observations of the everyday, set to gloriously crafted music and monologues of comedy. I’d feel so privileged if they were to come to another Spoken from the Art! Feel free to comment on this post about the events you got up to on the day (poetry related of course :P!)

Speaking of which, photos should be available from that memorable night (again, apologies for the delay!). Trying to get worded up on uploads onto the site such as jpgs and mp3s, which I’ve had more than a little trouble with!

It’s only 3 days away from Enigma’s first birthday! If you’ve seen Murakami’s anthology of Birthday Stories, then you’ll know where this sentence is leading. I’m thinking about a little collection of birthday stories, poetry or playscripts. It will hopefully be available to buy online once it’s done (depends on the level of interest for the publication date – I’m thinking December/Jan – a new year with the magazine!). Illustrations of a birthday theme are more than welcome to go on the front and inside the booklet.

Returning to the present in a rather odd way, I come back to the issue of the Writers of Tomorrow, encapsulated in the 3rd issue! Submissions end tomorrow for the October Issue, so please get them in whilst you can! We really need an illustration for the front cover, so any budding artists or anyone who wishes to depict their hopes and/or fears in illustration as well as writing can send them in by all means.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for the third issue!



~ by caareteam on October 14, 2009.

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