Happy Birthday Enigma! One year online!

Failing to avoid cliches here! It really hasn’t felt like a year since its first upload – things have literally whizzed by, but the more I think about it, the more I realise how much the magazine has developed, and how I have since being its editor! I remember trying to spread the word and continuing to do so, asking all sorts of people for their help, especially from the editor of Inside Out, Rebecca Atherton and the marketing department of the Poetry Society! Their advice has been invaluable! Of course, I’d like to thank Denis and the team at CAARE for giving me this opportunity, as well as Jo Cohen with help in distribution and the opportunity for Enigma to be spotted in cafes and offices all over. We hope to extend our reach evermore throughout! I would also like to thank her and Brandi Travis for helping me edit the first edition and to get it out in time!

Future plans for Enigma include more open mics, more MP3 submissions, more print versions, our Birthday anthology and maybe some writing workshops next year! Am very excited!! 😀

Be sure to stick around with us for another literary filled year!


~ by caareteam on October 17, 2009.

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