New Cover Star found and New Issue coming up!

It’s the buildup to the next issue, and I’ve been busy editing, finding our new cover star and beginning researching/reading for a plethora of essays! Tough times ahead!

Some of you will have gotten notification if you’ve been selected, but not all yet, sorry for the delay. Getting round to this as soon as possible.

We have also found our new cover star Linda Ravenswood, who has provided us with an amazing work of art. I won’t reveal it now, but stay tuned to see it as the next cover of Enigma Magazine!

I’d like to bring something else to light as well. I’ve started volunteering at a centre called Discover in Stratford, and am so excited about it. For those of you aged 0-11, those with children or those young at heart, I would suggest you pay a visit. Originally set up in 2001, it acts as a haven, a creative buzz of activity to create inspiration through drama and role play. It has served to culturally enrich Newham and it really did seem like a great colourful beacon to me. I’m really excited to start supporting it! Also, for those of you who love a challenge, check out NANOWRIMO if you haven’t already! If you need help and momentum for creating a novel, this is a very well established yearly project which supports writers online to finish and receive an award if you write 50,000 words.  If you don’t finish, there’s still an amazing creative process that you’d have gone through if you started, so it’s worthwhile to give it a go! I’ve decided that I’ll give it a crack this year, very excited!

Stay tuned for the next issue and hope you have a Happy Halloween!



~ by caareteam on October 30, 2009.

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