Over the page – from bonfire to touchscreen

Over the page

Over the page

With technology constantly changing, the daily concepts of our life and our attitudes to them constantly transform to match. One of the biggest challenges of our society is the use of technology, and how it has changed the way we think and collect information. Even in a world where we can be sceptical about the downsides of these digital tools, the benefits gained can be plenty.

Especially with storytelling – we go from the oral tradition to print to online. However, these virtual links can create literally a whole world to be unlocked, with schools utilising the endless bounds of communication with other schools worldwide. Students can also share, write and collaborate with each other using IPads, a gem when it comes to quick edits and adding information.

Voice thread is one example – a giant collaborative space that allows sharing of text, video and voice clip.

Writepath is also a way that people can contribute words and stanzas to form their own poem/story, allowing students, teachers and authors around the world to contribute their line.  It has been going around since 2008 and made links between 64 schools from their project last year. Absolutely fantastic!


~ by caareteam on February 8, 2011.

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