Great News All Round!

There has been a stigma on poetry for so long now on how high-end and elitist the form could be, which image has been challenged by the creation and distribution of an exciting, expressive and immersive experience – which is usually mentioned in the same term as “spoken word”. I was properly introduced to this phenomenon only a year ago through the Roundhouse Poetry Collective, which gave me the confidence to write and perform poetry to a wide range of audiences and with my open mic Spoken from the Art in 2009.

Therefore, it’s amazing news to hear that celebrated performance poet Benjamin Zephaniah has taken up Chair of Creative Writing at Brunel University, where I’ve been studying English and Creative writing since 2005 (I’ve successfully completed my MA quite recently!).  During my short stint of performing around London and Edinburgh, one of the most rewarding things is to hear how people want to start writing and performing, or how it’s changed their view on poetry since school into something so accessible, a form that creates empathy and bonding with the community.

This will be an amazing step for enlivening poetry and the spoken word in academia and I wish him all the best in this exciting post!

In Enigma related news, Issue 7 is almost complete with our theme of games for the upcoming Olympics in London 2012! We’re so excited and raring to go! Watch this space for future updates! We are well and truly back!



~ by caareteam on November 16, 2011.

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