Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

Shakespeare celebrated his 448th birthday on the 23rd April this week (although the actual date itself is often disputed), opening the world’s biggest festival to celebrate his work. Now the great bard himself does not need any introduction, having helped shaped our language and culture to a huge extent. I had a poster that’s probably in my family home that has all his coined phrases, some of which absolutely astounded me. It’s scary to see how much of his language we use in everyday conversation, yet his work is often seen to be hard work to decipher.

As a wonderful tribute to the bard, Mark Ravenhill, a playwright and writer in residence of the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) wrote and performed a sonnet (true Shakespeare stylee), which you can see in the link below:


Another amazing feature is the technological tribute and “digital footprint” that Shakespeare has left in his beautiful literary legacy – the myShakespeare, which does sound very odd yet fascinating. You can share art and writing in the gallery as well as even tracking his digital footprint, the app of which is named after the ghost Banquo in Hamlet. You can find this at http://myshakespeare.worldshakespearefestival.org.uk/. Be sure to get involved!


~ by caareteam on April 25, 2012.

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