Moving the Goal posts and judging a book by its cover!

As the Olympics approach, we’ve decided to move the goalposts or indeed the finish line! The deadline for this issue Going for Gold, will now be the 30th July – so get your submissions in as soon as you can!

Also, following on our previous post on judging a book on its cover (see here), there’s an amazing example how book covers can lead us to believe different things just by its image or title. It’s so important when you think about it – book marketing can be a tricky deal indeed! We see adverts on the tube or word of mouth, but with such closed items in a book store, it can be so hard to find the right book at the right time! Of course, the landscape has changed with related books and customer lists on Goodreads and Amazon, but the mystery still lies in looking at a cover, reading the blurb and making a decision!

On the babble blogs under stroller derby, a 6 year old creates amazing and at times quite accurate guesses as to what the classics may contain, simply by looking at the cover and illustrations! See here!


~ by caareteam on July 22, 2012.

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