Enigma Creative Writing magazine is currently being published by the London charity CAARE (The Council for the Advancement of Arts, Recreation and Education), who have now acted as a guardian for arts and sports in Britain for over 10 years. Protecting Britain’s cultural interest, they often undergo political campaigns, archive and research information regarding the mental and physical wellbeing of the nation.

The founder, operatic conductor Denis Vaughan, the initial driving force and founding father of the National Lottery in Britain, set up to provide a funding foundation for Arts and Sports. He has also been mentioned as ‘the man who brought more money to sport than anyone else in the 20th Century.’ CAARE is the only charity to fully monitor Lottery spending on good causes, and over time the priorities over the use of Lottery funds have changed and used for other purposes. CAARE’s main ethos is to widen access and participation in arts and sports to the Lottery’s full potential, and must be protected to serve its paying public personally.

In the past year, articles about CAARE and Denis Vaughan has had quite a wide range of media coverage including, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Scotsman and Time Out magazine. They also run a journal with news in arts, sports, film and music at

Enigma Creative Writing Magazine is only one of their projects to spread awareness of arts and sports for the public, and all proceeds from purchasing this magazine in print in the future will go towards this cause. To find out more about current and past projects, visit

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