About Enigma

If you’ve ever enjoyed telling a story through paper or by word of mouth, Enigma will be the right project for you.

Creative writing is a world that should be unlocked and enjoyed by anyone, whether it comes from poetry or prose. Anyone can tell a story, describe a picture or idea and Enigma hopes to provide a hand in giving the opportunity to everyone.

Enigma will take on the form of both a website and an online creative writing magazine/publication where anyone can feel free to write and send in their submissions. These can include schools including children and teachers, societies, universities, renowned poets and authors… the list goes on. Both poetry and prose as well as playscripts are warmly welcomed, from up to three pieces per person.

There is also a twist to the tale in that work would be identified by a code, either within the text of from a signature that can be referenced at the back of each issue to reveal the author. In this way, there is no judging of a book by its cover (or author in this case) whilst not being totally anonymous.

We also run open mics on occasion to celebrate the spoken word , to raise funds for the charity/printing costs, as well as networking with all sorts of different writers and styles and above all, to have fun! Check out our events page for news, pictures and reviews of ones we have held/planning to run! Our debut night, Spoken from the Art ran on October 2nd with all sort of different acts, a great fun filled evening!

Enigma Magazine also turns 2 on the 17th October – the first time the online magazine was uploaded and ready to read! Look forward to another year of events and creative expression for all!

About the Editor
As a graduate of English and Creative Writing and student of Arts Policy, I believe that everyone should have the encouragement and support to express themselves creatively. My schooling, creative writing projects and competitions have all helped me direct my future into the Arts in general, and I hope Enigma Magazine can support every background in the literary world.

Enigma: help spread the word!

Susan Gray

One Response to “About Enigma”

  1. I found you by accident.
    Energies are going into ‘making things.I have uncovered 40 yearso writings; I enjoy reading in public; I perfectly organise readings in public at modest though successful levels. I seem to be acting all the time; it’s too stressful if one has to remember the words.

    At Wisley RHS gardens today in the butterflyhouse I had delightful interchanges with girl children aged 5 and 7 and we swapped sketches
    At a recent magazinelaunch where I am aneditor, i was much too moved by one poem. All was well ‘and allmanner of things shall be well’

    I was surprisingly delighted with the poetry prize winner of the TS Eliot prize. He taught me at one time and was different and what was needed.

    I have taught all sorts of writing and have been devotedly speciaising in people with mental health problems …. and became a Gran for first time three weeks early, well timed before Christmas, a tough caessrean, but we manage to travel the distance despite weathers.

    I am excessivley busy making stick and pin or make do and mend as did mothers in wartime east Africa in time of famine, soon after my birth

    A change of poetry that included children and acting and story telling might suit
    I am best when Naive or naive?

    I do a volunteer bit of minding ojects on a Common with a windmill where tasks with no electricity can be imagined and children enjoy having a go at making flour

    Could aim to do something for March 20th on Light and Shadow

    A Bell W Vaughan

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