Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

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Shakespeare celebrated his 448th birthday on the 23rd April this week (although the actual date itself is often disputed), opening the world’s biggest festival to celebrate his work. Now the great bard himself does not need any introduction, having helped shaped our language and culture to a huge extent. I had a poster that’s probably in my family home that has all his coined phrases, some of which absolutely astounded me. It’s scary to see how much of his language we use in everyday conversation, yet his work is often seen to be hard work to decipher.

As a wonderful tribute to the bard, Mark Ravenhill, a playwright and writer in residence of the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) wrote and performed a sonnet (true Shakespeare stylee), which you can see in the link below:


Another amazing feature is the technological tribute and “digital footprint” that Shakespeare has left in his beautiful literary legacy – the myShakespeare, which does sound very odd yet fascinating. You can share art and writing in the gallery as well as even tracking his digital footprint, the app of which is named after the ghost Banquo in Hamlet. You can find this at http://myshakespeare.worldshakespearefestival.org.uk/. Be sure to get involved!


Issue 8 is here!

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With the chopping and changing weather in London, it’s nice to be sure of something certain – the next issue of Enigma! We’ve really pushed the boat out for the first issue of 2012, set with interviews, features and of course poetry and prose – all on the theme of love!

Enjoy, readers!


Happy World Poetry Day!

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Just a day after Word Storytelling Day, we are treated again to another literary celebration!

World Poetry Day is celebrated every year on March 21st by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) since 1999. This day celebrates and recognises the social and cultural impact of poetry on the world, promoting the production, performance and the teaching of this great medium?

What have been your greatest memories regarding poetry? Mine would definitely have to be reading and performing poetry – spoken word being the phenomenon I recently discovered a couple of years ago. From years of learning from the page at school and university to hearing it resonate amongst an audience, it felt amazing to discover a new dimension to a form I thought I had known so well.

Here is the main link to World Poetry Day at UNESCO: http://www.un.org/en/events/poetryday/

I also found this resource for teaching poetry: a collaboration with the Samaritans, which is called DEAL (developing emotional awareness and learning) at http://teachers.guardian.co.uk/teacher-resources/6756/Samaritans-DEAL-with-poetry. I’ve always found poetry enriching and a therapy all its own, so it’s great to see initiatives like this!

Happy World Storytelling Day!

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The annual tradition of celebration continues with the next installment of World Storytelling Day – a day that focuses on a different theme to explore each year. In 2011, we touched on the theme of all things hydrated on the topic of Water and this year heralded the theme of trees, which is often associated with the original setting for a storytelling session (bar the all-famous campfire, which are of course just trees in a different form!).

As we also celebrate World Poetry Day tomorrow, why not combine these? Why only celebrate on these days? We have put up our display at https://enigmamag.wordpress.com/word-storytelling-day-display/, which you can also find on the right side menu.

Come and share your Tree poems and short stories by emailing them to mag.enigma@googlemail.com. We also have had some recordings sent in, and we would love to hear more of these!

If you want to record a line, we’re hoping to do a large audio poem this year. There’s lots to do at Enigma, so get cracking!



Spring is here…

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…Or at least in Canterbury!

This weekend is a very special one for me as it marks the first writing retreat that I’ve been on. The skies are clear and blue, the birds regale us non-stop with music. I’m enjoying good company, good writing and a wonderful place to recharge the creative batteries.

Having always lived in London has made the country such a luxury to spend time in – not to mention the fresh air!

This reminds me that it is nearly World Storytelling Day! Send us your tree stories, poems, recordings and videos of storytelling under trees! With my limited knowledge of cameras and using my blackberry, I’ll try to cobble something together too!

Hope you have a great weekend wherever you are!

Happy World Book Day!

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Happy World Book Day! Image courtesy of http://www.worldbookday.com



The celebration of reading, illustrations and authors have reached its 15th year – where children all over come together to delight in the art of reading. This takes place in the form of book tokens, special readings, events, and World Book Day resource packs for Nursery, Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary schools. See their main site for more details about this special day!


Time to branch out this year!

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It’s just a month away til World Storytelling Day, the celebration of this timeless oratory tradition with its own unique theme! We’ve followed its literary twists and turns from the themes of Light and Shadow to Water and Games, to see its latest offering – Trees.

The associated imagery for me is often a  wise and learned person eagerly awaiting to unleash an amazing tale to his/hedr onlookers sitting around a tree and watching.

We at Enigma thought we’d put a special twist on the theme by recreating this feeling – opening our page to video submissions!

As well as sending us your poems, prose, playscripts and pictures, we would love to see you read your work out on the theme of trees! Even better, why not read one of your pieces on trees under a tree itself ?

Come and help us celebrate the perennial plant!