Happy World Storytelling Day!

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The annual tradition of celebration continues with the next installment of World Storytelling Day – a day that focuses on a different theme to explore each year. In 2011, we touched on the theme of all things hydrated on the topic of Water and this year heralded the theme of trees, which is often associated with the original setting for a storytelling session (bar the all-famous campfire, which are of course just trees in a different form!).

As we also celebrate World Poetry Day tomorrow, why not combine these? Why only celebrate on these days? We have put up our display at https://enigmamag.wordpress.com/word-storytelling-day-display/, which you can also find on the right side menu.

Come and share your Tree poems and short stories by emailing them to mag.enigma@googlemail.com. We also have had some recordings sent in, and we would love to hear more of these!

If you want to record a line, we’re hoping to do a large audio poem this year. There’s lots to do at Enigma, so get cracking!



Spring is here…

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…Or at least in Canterbury!

This weekend is a very special one for me as it marks the first writing retreat that I’ve been on. The skies are clear and blue, the birds regale us non-stop with music. I’m enjoying good company, good writing and a wonderful place to recharge the creative batteries.

Having always lived in London has made the country such a luxury to spend time in – not to mention the fresh air!

This reminds me that it is nearly World Storytelling Day! Send us your tree stories, poems, recordings and videos of storytelling under trees! With my limited knowledge of cameras and using my blackberry, I’ll try to cobble something together too!

Hope you have a great weekend wherever you are!

Happy World Book Day!

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Happy World Book Day! Image courtesy of http://www.worldbookday.com



The celebration of reading, illustrations and authors have reached its 15th year – where children all over come together to delight in the art of reading. This takes place in the form of book tokens, special readings, events, and World Book Day resource packs for Nursery, Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary schools. See their main site for more details about this special day!


Time to branch out this year!

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It’s just a month away til World Storytelling Day, the celebration of this timeless oratory tradition with its own unique theme! We’ve followed its literary twists and turns from the themes of Light and Shadow to Water and Games, to see its latest offering – Trees.

The associated imagery for me is often a  wise and learned person eagerly awaiting to unleash an amazing tale to his/hedr onlookers sitting around a tree and watching.

We at Enigma thought we’d put a special twist on the theme by recreating this feeling – opening our page to video submissions!

As well as sending us your poems, prose, playscripts and pictures, we would love to see you read your work out on the theme of trees! Even better, why not read one of your pieces on trees under a tree itself ?

Come and help us celebrate the perennial plant!


Happy Valentine’s Day – here’s your gift from us!

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As the day approaches to celebrate your loved ones has arrived, what better way than to treat our readers to more great short stories, poetry and prose as well as more opportunities to share their own!

Enter Issue 8 – our Spring edition with the theme of Love!

Please Note: the email editor@enigmacw.co.uk is currently down. Please email your submissions to mag.enigma@googlemail.com

Share the Love!


It’s almost 2012!

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To celebrate the emergence of a New Year, we are happy to show you all a rough preview of Enigma Issue 7!

Many thanks to our contributors, artists, designers, followers and supporters over the years and of those to come!

You can find Issue 7 on the right hand bar!

Happy New Year!


It’s the Mid Festive Season…

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ChristmasI personally always find this time of year to be the most pensive. The energy build up towards Christmas is changing to that of the New Year. You’ve most likely been meeting relatives that you haven’t seen in a while, explaining what you’ve done this year and what you plan to do before you see them next, already putting the cogs in motion for self improvement and goal formulation.

So, what is there to do? I myself have plenty that I want to do, and many things that I wish to continue doing. One of the most important of these is the literary magazine Enigma.

We are so close now! The 2012 games are our inspiration this issue as we deal with all sorts of ideas and premises behind the concept of games. Please watch this space!

We hope you’ve had a great Christmas and countdown with us to the New Year!


Great News All Round!

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There has been a stigma on poetry for so long now on how high-end and elitist the form could be, which image has been challenged by the creation and distribution of an exciting, expressive and immersive experience – which is usually mentioned in the same term as “spoken word”. I was properly introduced to this phenomenon only a year ago through the Roundhouse Poetry Collective, which gave me the confidence to write and perform poetry to a wide range of audiences and with my open mic Spoken from the Art in 2009.

Therefore, it’s amazing news to hear that celebrated performance poet Benjamin Zephaniah has taken up Chair of Creative Writing at Brunel University, where I’ve been studying English and Creative writing since 2005 (I’ve successfully completed my MA quite recently!).  During my short stint of performing around London and Edinburgh, one of the most rewarding things is to hear how people want to start writing and performing, or how it’s changed their view on poetry since school into something so accessible, a form that creates empathy and bonding with the community.

This will be an amazing step for enlivening poetry and the spoken word in academia and I wish him all the best in this exciting post!

In Enigma related news, Issue 7 is almost complete with our theme of games for the upcoming Olympics in London 2012! We’re so excited and raring to go! Watch this space for future updates! We are well and truly back!


Are you feeling the Poetry love?

•October 9, 2011 • 1 Comment

From Thursday the 9th October,  the power of poetry has made itself known at events around the nation! Check out the link here for events throughout the month!


Also, we are in the process of reading through great entries on our monthly theme of “Games”, echoing National Poetry day and the imminent London Olympics! Watch this space!


Just in time for National Poetry Day…

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As the Autumn approaches, we are delighted to say that Enigma has brushed off its cobwebs and is now ready again to receive submissions! You have quite a while to send in your work – the 3rd of October 2011 so that we can display our next offering in time for this year’s National Poetry Day!

So, what’s the theme? This year showcases the concept of Games  – quite fitting when the Olympics are around in London next year!  But it doesn’t have to be about medals and running – it can be a mind game, a puzzler or a race to the top in many ways!

Because of this, we will have a themed submission, also on the concept of Games! We will also feature a variety of puzzles insideto fit in with the celebration as well as Enigma’s ethos – bring your piece to the puzzle!

Hope to see your work soon!