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You know that long space inbetween waiting for the next issue? Wanting some fresh writing off the electronic press? Wanting to see prose and poetry join technology, hand in hand in beautiful harmony?

Then send your work and voice clips and celebrate every well used electronic chip!
To reveal the author, hold your cursor over the code below, just the sort used in the magazine!

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Here’s something to get your romantic teeth into- a poem called
Heavenly Princess. To reveal the author, simply hold your cursor over the code.

Heavenly Princess

You gave no warning, no signal, heavenly princess
To draw my shield, before the arrow was even drawn
You stole my heart, now it belongs to you forever,
Entrapped eternally within your flowing magical beauty,
Within those brown jewels glistening
Brighter than diamonds.

Pray tell me, which heavenly kingdom yearns their lost princess?
Where do you belong, heavenly princess?
For as sure as I am the birds will sing their sweet songs,
Flowers blossom their rainbow colours, the oceans rage,
The stars shine, you are not of this earth.
You cannot be. How can your grace be mortal?
Your beauty reveals your origin.
Should I look up, glance towards the angry yet heavenly skies
Awaiting the wrath of those immortal?

Sharing our secrets that time
Our speaking hearts flowing faster
Ever entwining, becoming one
The moment so precious, frozen in time
I fell in love, love everlasting ever strong since that
First moment passing still into eternal heaven
For if fate, destiny, the unjust earth are all unkind
I will wait for you there, ageing with the gods
Wait for you, heavenly princess
Until we can be together.

I taste your lips, even now, after a thousand years,
Ever more precious than
The sweet elixir of immortality
A million times over ever the sweeter choice.
Hurry, my heavenly princess
My love, it will not fade.


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